30 марта. 2018

It's the only way I wanna love.
I wanna become everything you need, not in the future, but here and now. 
I wanna become your lover, with whom you can run away from reality and hide from important things to deal with.
I wanna become your best friend who gonna save you from solitude, but leave you alone, if required. 
I wanna become your nemesis, because just he's incapable of falseness and always come clean with you.
I wanna become your diary, so you can figure out your life and speak up your mind.
I wanna become your fan who’s being crazy about you like girls go ape over favorite actors.
I wanna become your colleague to hit it off with you.
I wanna become your major rival who forces you get better.
I wanna become the equation you could never solve because of the new variables.  
I wanna become a reason for your doubts, because that’s the only way fall in love all over again. 
I wanna become an elusive creature you could never imagine. 
Finally, I wanna become your dream you stop telling from reality and get over as easy as you wake up. 
I've only got one question: where the hell are you who needs it? 

8 (919) 30-350-30

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